Karen Berget of American Eagle Realty.

Area realtors have seen what some say is a surprising level of activity given the pandemic we’re living with. Karen Berget of American Eagle Realty told the KMRS Ask the Experts program that it’s being spurred in large measure by the historic low interest rates. But the desire for social distancing and relocating away from metropolitan areas may also be playing its part.

“I even had somebody else who was looking to move out to Stevens County who was looking to live in a less populated area,” said Berget. “So that might be triggering some of what’s happening as well, I don’t know. That was just one person that told me that’s why they’re looking for a place out in the country. They just want a little more elbow room and they don’t want to be in a highly populated urban area.”

Lenders and appraisers have been extra busy dealing with refinancing mortgages with the more favorable interest rates, Berget noted.


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