State Rep. Jeff Backer of Browns Valley. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Republican State Representative Jeff Backer of Browns Valley told the KMRS Legislator’s Corner last weekend that he is not in favor of an all-mail balloting procedure for upcoming elections. While a voting bill did pass the State House last week making it easier to process more absentee ballots, Backer said there’s no way to check if ballots are being properly dealt with in heavily populated areas of the state.

“There’s that better check and balance system in Greater Minnesota where you know your neighbors,” said Backer. “You don’t have that check and balance in the metro area. I am not in favor of the current system that we have. We only have six months to get that changed, so I don’t see that happening so we can get to that point that we have the high integrity that the state of Minnesota is known for.”

A big question for him centers on how you would verify if the right person is voting.

“If a ballot gets mailed to a home, how do we know that — if it’s a difficult situation at home — how do we know that one person is not voting twice and the other person is not getting their ballot?” Backer asked. “We have those types of concerns, which are legitimate concerns.”

Gov. Walz signed an election security bill Tuesday, but it did not include the expansion of mail-in balloting that Democrats sought. The complete interview with Backer can be found on our website at under the News tab in the Community Connection section.


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