Stevens Community Medical Center has begun to phase in elective surgeries and procedures, and announced they have developed a protocol and plan based on guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health. Some of those new guidelines include:

Health screenings of all staff at the beginning of each shift; everyone in the facility wearing a source-control mask; ensuring adequate supply of personal protective equipment not only for the procedure but also to respond to any surge in COVID-19 cases; ensuring adequate staffing to be able to respond to any increase in COVID-19 cases; and COVID-19 testing of patients prior to a planned elective procedure or surgery, which includes self-isolation of the patient at home from the time of the test until their surgery.

If a patient tests positive for COVID-19 or the pre-op test is not completed on time their procedure will be postponed. Surgeries and procedures may also be postponed or rescheduled on short notice if there is any change in conditions or availability of supplies.


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