Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Businesses will be allowed to re-open on Monday, provided they have proper safety protocols in place and allow no more than 50 percent of the establishment’s occupant capacity inside at any time . But that doesn’t mean customers will be flocking back. During a discussion at Tuesday’s meeting of the Morris City Council, Mayor Sheldon Giese reminded customers that they have a right to avoid what they deem to be an unsafe situation.

“Some of that has to fall back on our citizens, too,” said Giese. “I mean, if I want to go out to eat at Joe’s Restaurant and I walk into Joe’s and there’s 50 percent of it full or maybe standing room only somewhere, I have a right to leave. Actually, a responsibility and a right to leave.”

The City will not be making any rules over and above what the governor already issues.


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