The State Legislature failed to pass a public works bonding bill at the end of their regular session yesterday. But Democratic Representative Paul Marquart of Dilworth told the KMRS Legislator’s Corner that he took issue with House Republicans approach of not voting for any bonding bill until the governor relinquishes his emergency powers.

“I do think the Legislature needs to have probably more legitimate input into governor’s executive orders,” said Marquart. “I mean, we’re in contact with the governor, but I think there needs to be a committee set up that has kind of more say to look over those executive orders. But I don’t think it’s right to link a bonding bill to our efforts to try to keep people safe during this COVID-19 virus. I don’t think that’s right.”

Marquart noted Republican Senator Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said he would not link a bonding bill with the state’s response to COVID-19. Marquart also said he was hopeful that some type of bonding bill would eventually be passed by the legislature, though now it would have to be in a special session.


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