Our KMRS/KKOK Senior Athlete Tributes highlight the Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta Tigers baseball seniors.

Special thanks to coach Kirby Sayles for the write-ups on each player and what they’ve meant to the program.

Colten Scheldorf

Colten Scheldorf was a 3 year starter for us. He came up as a catcher his sophomore season due to his work ethic, and what he could do with his bat. He is a complete athlete with speed, power, and great leadership. Colten started his competitive baseball career with me as his little league coach when the Pirates drafted him as a 3rd grader. To see the amount of development he has made, and his willingness to push himself, is really inspirational. As a junior Colten joined the Chizek 300 club hitting .313 on the season, quite a feat as he caught multiple games per week. Colten was also the first player I coached that hit a no-doubt dinger as a freshman at a Montevideo summer tournament. I believe he followed it up with another off the fence in the following at bat. – Head Coach Kirby Sayles

Cade Fehr

Cade Fehr was another senior that started his career with me as a Pirate in 3rd grade. Back then we relied on him to get us “Pumped Up” with his pregame speeches and his leadership, without a question, continues through to today. His laid back, charismatic attitude makes him a pleasure to coach, and his work ethic makes him an outstanding ball player. Cade became an everyday starter for us as a junior with his glove. His fundamentals were incredibly sound and not many balls were hit past him at 3rd base. He topped that off with a hot bat, seemily to always come up with a big hit when we needed it the most. Cade’s highlight moments for me as a coach were when he played a hot shot perfectly at third, closed the distance with his feet, and threw a bullet to first to record the last out of the inning. What was impressive about it, was it was something we had talked about all year, and he worked on daily, so to see it come full circle for him was awesome. The other unforgettable memory was his single homer of his junior season, he realized it was out part way between 1st and 2nd and immediately went into one of the slowest home run trots I have ever witnessed. – Coach Sayles

Jack Riley

Jack Riley is one of the most electric players to coach. His athleticism is unbelievable. His pure abilities led Jack to be a fierce competitor that could adapt to anywhere we put him on the field. Throughout his career, Jack has probably played every position, I know for me, I have seen him as a catcher, shortstop, second baseman, left fielder, center fielder, and he even had to pitch for us once. His hard nose attitude is also what led him to be a successful lead off hitter as a junior. From that position he was able to score 15 runs with 7 stolen bases. What I loved about coaching Jack was how much he embodied the love/hate relationship with baseball. Every baseball player knows how great things can go for you on any given night and how poorly they can go the next. Jack lived that daily, but what was most admirable, is it didn’t ever matter how the game was going in that moment, he always did everything he could to make the next play. I can’t count the amount of outfield divers he made, or hustle plays on the base paths. – Coach Sayles

Austin Berlinger

Austin Berlinger started his varsity career as a player that we weren’t sure what we were going to do with. But, it didn’t take long to realize the stability and consistency that he gave us time and time again. Austin quickly worked his way up to one of our top pitchers his junior year throwing 30 innings for us and striking out 23 hitters. His ability to locate his pitches and get hitters off balance with his offspeed made him a dangerous presence on the mound. What I love most about Austin is his work ethic, he worked tirelessly after a football injury to get back into the best shape possible so he could compete for us in baseball. My highlight moment for Austin had to be his complete game win against Minnewaska. It had been roughly 6 seasons of losses to the Lakers, before that May 17 win. Austin was able to go all 7 innings, never wanting to come out of the game, even after giving up a go ahead run, he went back out and battled until we came home with the W. – Coach Sayles

I can’t express my gratitude enough for these four Tiger athletes, I am beyond sad that my time coaching them has come to a close, but I am very much looking forward to watching them move beyond this setback and see the great things that I know they will do. – Kirby Sayles


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