State Rep. Paul Marquart (D-Dilworth) represents Minnesota's District 4B.

Although it will have to get done in a special session in June, District 4B Democratic State Representative Paul Marquart of Dilworth told the KMRS Legislator’s Corner that he remains hopeful the State Legislature will pass a public works bonding bill.

“I’m still hoping in the end we can get to at least a $1.5 billion bonding bill,” said Marquart. “This is the perfect time. A very needed time to get people to work. Interest rates are still low. Contractors are hungry for work. And this benefits projects a lot out in rural Minnesota. Smaller communities with sewer and water and those type of services they need.”

Marquart said other projects a bonding bill typically covers that benefit rural Minnesota include flood mitigation, maintaining parks and trails, and repairing buildings on local college and university campuses. He said any bonding bill would have to have bi-partisan support, but added that it should not be tied to any COVID mitigation efforts.


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