Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young.

The Stevens County Board of Commissioners approved a three-stage phased reopening of County offices at their Tuesday meeting. The three phases would each be two weeks in length and would be reviewed every two weeks. County Coordinator Rebecca Young explained the plan on the KMRS Community Connection.

“Really looking at six weeks before we’re finally open with absolutely no restrictions coming in and out of the building,” said Young. “I think the big thing is we have to kind of keep an eye to what’s happening locally if there’d be a spike in cases. And then we also need to kind of watch and see what the governor recommends through his executive orders, if there’s any changes in that. I would encourage the public to continue to access any services they need online right now. We’ve been really able to serve folks very well.”

The first phase is meant to transition employees back into the courthouse and get them re-established on the network and used to the new safety protocols. The second stage will see things start to open to the public, by appointment only. There will be health screening questions to enter the building. Face masks will be recommended. The third phase will be fully opening to the public, who will see more plexiglass barriers in county offices. A handful of county employees will still be allowed to work from home.


            Starting next week, expect detours on County Road 1 in Stevens County as grading begins by Riley Brothers. The Commissioners also approved a couple of other projects at Tuesday’s meeting. Morris Sealcoat was awarded a $475,000 contract for sealcoating some roads. And a $39,000 crack filling contract will be split 50/50 between Midwest Sealcoat and Lot Pros.


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