The Natural Resources Conservation Service recently received EQIP funding for prairie potholes, water quality and a wildlife program. Melissa McCain is a Resource Conservationist with the NRCS Morris office and told KMRS the deadline for applying for the financial cost share program is Friday, May 29.

“It’s designed to help provide habitat for waterfowl and other migratory birds on cropland,” McCain explained. “And there are three options you can choose from, depending on your conservation needs. If you have any wet spots in your crop field that are two acres or less that you can either cede those areas back to a wildlife-friendly habitat. You could leave those wet areas as wet spots and just go around them. Or you can continue your cropping as usual, but when it’s wet, leave it wet. Otherwise, crop it as usual.”

For the first time and due to new COVID guidelines, their office next to the Morris Subway restaurant has a drive-up window for service. Interested citizens can call 320-589-4886 Extension 3.


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