Morris School Board Member Doug Stahman. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

With a projected increase in the number of students in the elementary grades, the Morris School Board approved a motion at their Monday meeting to hire two additional elementary teachers. Board Member Doug Stahman, who also sits on the Finance and Facilities Committee, said there was money in the budget for the move, which will keep class sizes small. But he acknowledged there are long-term concerns with adding faculty.

“The biggest concern I think we probably all shared was, you know, what happens down the road,” said Stahman. “That’s always the issue, is we had teachers that become tenured and then we have additional sets of challenges that we have to work through. But I don’t think that holds us up.”

Stahman did question how specialists like the music and physical education teachers would work in the extra classes, but Morris Area Elementary School Principal Shane Monson said a plan for that has not been settled yet. Superintendent Troy Ferguson told KMRS that there may need to be some creative juggling of space in the Elementary building to make room for two extra sections.


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