State Rep. Jeff Backer of Browns Valley. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Tired of Governor Tim Walz’s continuing 30-day extensions of his emergency orders, Republican State Representative Jeff Backer told the KMRS Legislator’s Corner that when the Special Session convenes in June, he will be supporting measures to limit the governor’s emergency powers.

“Other states, what they do after the first 30 days, they have to go and get legislative approval,” said Backer. “And that’s what we’re looking to change, that statute, because how this has been abused by our current governor has been very disappointing. We meet quickly, we can work with him, we have reached out to him, but that has been a disappointment. He’s going it alone. I would never want to go alone without getting any feedback from the Senate and the House.”

Backer reiterated the House Republican position that they will not support any public works bonding bill until the governor ends his emergency powers. The full interview can be found after the holiday on our website at, under the News tab in the Community Connection section.


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