Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

After having its first proposal turned down by the Morris Area Teachers’ Association, the Morris School Board approved an agreement and memorandum of understanding with the teacher’s union at its meeting last Monday. Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson told the KMRS Community Connection that both sides took the advice of mediators to continue discussions while they were waiting to go to mediation.

“Boy, with how backlogged they were on their schedule, we weren’t even going to be able to get an appointment to get an appointment until June,” said Ferguson. “And so, we didn’t know when that would happen. So we identified the issue, the severance issue that was a sticking point for everybody, and developed a memorandum of understanding on how we’re going to address that moving forward.”

Ferguson was confident that the issue of a new severance plan would be worked out between both sides in the near future. For now, as both the school board and the teacher’s union passed it, the contract is in effect.


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