Staff Sergeant Luke Butterfass of the National Guard gave the keynote address at today’s Memorial Day program, which aired as a recorded program on KMRS. Due to COVID-19 precautions, there was no gathering at the Morris Armory.Butterfass said that on Memorial Day we can remember what the veterans gave up for our freedoms and way of life.

“We can honor them by creating loving homes — spending valuable times with families and those dearest to us,” said Butterfass. “Something that they gave up when they were called into service and a privilege that was never returned to them when they lost their lives. We can honor them by creating strong communities — helping neighbors, elderly, playing with the neighborhood kids, volunteering and non-profits, taking an active role in church events, supporting local charity fundraising events and anything that strengthens and supports our local communities.”

The Memorial Day program will be posted on the stations’s website at, where you can hear Butterfass’s speech in full.


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