Taking steps to minimize the damage from a natural disaster is key to Stevens County’s multi-hazard mitigation plan and as the County works to update the plan, it wants to hear from the public. The Stevens County Office of Emergency Management is currently working with U-Spatial at the University of Minnesota Duluth to update the County’s plan, which is multi-jurisdictional and includes the cities of Alberta, Chokio, Donnelly, Hancock and Morris.

“Hazard mitigation helps us break the cycle of damage and repair caused by things like flooding, ice storms, and severe wind events that can damage property, stress economies, and threaten life safety in our county,” said Stevens County Emergency Management Director Dona Greiner. Examples of hazard mitigation actions include improvement of roads and culverts that experience repetitive flooding, construction of safe rooms at campgrounds and public parks to protect lives in the event of severe weather, and burying powerlines that may fail due to heavy snow or ice.

The County is seeking feedback from residents and businesses. Comments or concerns should be submitted to Stevens County Emergency Management; call 320-208-6507 or email donagreiner@co.stevens.mn.us. There will be additional opportunities for public feedback throughout the planning process. A draft of the plan will be posted on the County website for public review prior to submission of the plan to the State of Minnesota.


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