Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Some might be wondering what’s going on at East Side Park in Morris when they see the blacktop that had been in front of the bandshell ripped up. Morris City Manager Blaine Hill explained the project on the KMRS Community Connection.

“The plan for East Side Park was the big blackout area in the middle would be taken out,” said Hill. “It served its purpose in the past, as a skating area. Now, there’s the music shelter and we had bleachers. That area is all getting torn out. There’s gonna be a sidewalk that’s run up the side, across, to meet up with the sidewalk that comes in by the picnic shelter. And then there’ll be pads made for the four bleachers. And then it’s gonna be grass. It’s gonna be trees.”

A half-court basketball court will be moved to a location in the park that has yet to be determined.


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