County deputies and Morris Police officers engaged in a pursuit of a stolen vehicle down Atlantic Avenue, which ended near State Highways 9 and 28. (Photo: D. Wevley)

Bail was set Friday in Stevens County District Court for Morris resident Christopher Adam Geiser, who is charged with leading law enforcement on a 1.7 mile pursuit through Morris that at times reached 69 miles an hour down Atlantic Avenue. Bail was set for the 32-year-old Geiser at $30,000 for unconditional release, or $15,000 with a series of conditions, which includes staying away from the east side residence of the person he is alleged to have stolen a Chevy Malibu from on May 27th.

According to the criminal complaint, the owner of the Malibu had left the keys in the vehicle before it had been stolen. On May 28th on East 5th Street in Morris, a man observed suspicious activity of a male who was parked outside his residence. The man in the vehicle stared at the resident, his wife and daughter for a long time and made a lewd gesture with his middle finger. When police came to locate the vehicle, it did not stop and ran stop signs. An officer observed a black object in the hand of the driver. The speed of the pursuit picked up by the Dairy Queen, with oncoming traffic having to swerve out of the way.

By Cenex North, the Malibu was behind a black pickup truck, which began to swerve in front of the suspect vehicle so that it could not pass, forcing the Malibu off the roadway and into the ditch and an open field by the intersection of State Highways 9 and 28. One of the tires flew into the air, but the driver tried to continue driving, but came to a stop in the field.

Geiser was transported to Stevens Community Medical Center for evaluation. He admitted to having 10 shots of tequila 3 hours before the incident. Geiser also admitted to stealing a Ford Escape from a Morris residence in December 2019, which had also left its keys in the vehicle. He was taken to Traverse County Jail and faces felony charges of motor vehicle theft and fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, as well as five misdemeanor charges.


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