Republican Michelle Fischbach is a candidate for Minnesota's 7th Congressional District.

Minnesota 7th Congressional District Republican candidate Michelle Fischbach has called for a federal investigation of organized violence in the wake of recent riots, primarily in the Twin Cities. She noted allegations about people crossing state lines to incite violence, a federal crime, as we’ve seen organized violence in Minneapolis, Fargo, Sioux Falls and other areas.

“There has been anecdotal evidence reported by state and local authorities of sophisticated supply lines, funding mechanisms, scouting, and organization,” Fischbach said in a statement. “In many places, the National Guard is being put in harm’s way to restore order; this has become a federal issue. That is why I am calling for a thorough federal investigation to be pursued by the Department of Justice, through the Federal Bureau of Investigation and any other relevant agencies, to identify and, if needed, prosecute any federal crimes committed during these violent riots.”


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