Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young.

A handful of property owners in Stevens County tried to use social distancing practices by putting their property tax payments in their mailbox or local town post office, and some of those got postmarked one day past the deadline date – which then kicked in a late fee. The Stevens County Board of Commissioners dealt with the issue at their Tuesday meeting, and the result was explained by County Coordinator Rebecca Young on the KMRS Community Connection.

“We had a call from a handful of them out of that list that had indicated they were utilizing alternate delivery methods and specifically due to trying to social distance,” said Young. “The board really looked at that and said, I think the intent was there to be on time. This is a one-time deal related to the pandemic. They decided to waive those fees.”

Young said the total amount of late fees was less than $1100 and those funds are not included in the budget for revenues or costs. She said the Board wanted to extend an arm of goodwill for those who are trying to observe social distancing. Young said the issue will be revisited as fall deadlines come up for property and ag taxes.


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