After two and a half years of meetings, hearings and proposals, work is finally ready to start on County Ditch 18 in Stevens County. A $2.6 million bid recommendation for Riley Brothers Construction in Morris to do the project was approved at Tuesday’s meeting of the Stevens County Board of Commissioners. The Riley bid came in $400,000 cheaper than the original total estimate from the final engineer’s plan. Ditch engineer Jacob Rischmiller gave the board some idea of the timeline for the project, which is paid for collectively by the property owners along the ditch.

“We’ve talked to Joe Riley about then they would like to start,” said Rischmiller. “Their initial plan when I wrote this letter was to start this summer. I know there’s been conversations with Joe and Riley Brothers that they want to push that back to fall, start the ditch cleaning and start working on that portion and then next year do tile work.”

County Ditch 18 is west of the city of Morris, south of Alberta.


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