On June 1, the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Grant County traded ownership of Minnesota Highway 54 from Elbow Lake to Highway 27, and Grant County State Aid Highway 10 from Interstate 94 to Highway 79. Minnesota Highway 54 will now be known as Grant County State Aid Highway 54, and the portion of Grant County State Aid Highway 10 will now be an extension of Minnesota Highway 78.

Turnback funds in the amount of $6.7 million will be provided to Grant County to improve Highway 54. Signs along the routes are scheduled to be changed during the month of June, and maintenance responsibilities for each highway shifted on June 1.

The highway turnbacks are part of a MnDOT project to transfer highways to the proper level of government. Several other roadways have been identified in a statewide jurisdictional realignment study. For example, a higher volume county road that serves regional connections may become a state highway. Lower volume state highways that serve primarily local connections may be transferred to the county.


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