Superintendent Paul Carlson

Hancock School Superintendent Paul Carlson told KMRS that he remains confident that students will be allowed to return to classrooms in the fall, albeit with added health and safety measures. In discussions he’s had with the Department of Education, Carlson said three scenarios are being looked at for the fall: students are allowed back to school; there will be a blended program which incorporates some distance learning with some return to the school; or students would not be allowed back in the school.

“We’re hoping that the first is allowed, knowing that we can make different accommodations and social distancing the best that we can,” said Carlson. “And making sure that our facilities are clean and safe and the kids are safe around each other as well, too.”

Carlson noted that the school has enough space to allow students to spread out safely. With graduation just happening this past Friday, Carlson said they will first take a few deep breaths before thinking about the fall.


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