Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young.

After no taxes were paid for three years, Stevens County took possession of a property on main street in Alberta in a tax forfeiture. The property is across from Cargill and includes a house and garage full of stuff. The owner has 28 days to get their stuff out of the house. County Coordinator Rebecca Young explained on the KMRS Community Connection that there are a number of steps involved before the property goes on the public auction block.

“And what the Board needs to do is classify that as non-conservation land, and then it gets offered for the city and the school district for public use,” said Young. “If there isn’t a public use for it, then it actually gets auctioned off. And so, I anticipate that would happen later this summer, potentially like as soon as August if it comes back with there’s no use for that property by local government units. And then it’ll be offered up to the public and that’ll all get publicly noticed.”

The highway department will be responsible for mowing the lawn on the property until it gets sold.


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