The Morris City Council passed a resolution to accept the insurance renewal of the city’s policy at their meeting Tuesday night. Joel Quam of Bremer Bank is an insurance advisor for the city, and told the Council that the policy provides coverage against someone who might want to sue the city for contracting COVID-19 from a city facility or staff. Quam explained that for the city to be held liable in such a situation…

“…someone would have to prove that they contracted COVID at one of your facilities,” said Quam. “And with the economy opening back up, that would be almost impossible to prove, specifically where you got it. The other more important factor is, say someone can prove that it was contracted at (one of the city’s) facilities, the city would also have to show negligence. The city would have to show that they were not following guidelines, that they were going outside of recommendations — which I know you’re not.”

The policy also provides some protections dealing with cybersecurity issues. Quam said that in this age of Zoom meetings, the number of ransomware claims has increased four-fold.


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