Pastor Dan Belgum of First Lutheran Church in Morris.

People walking or riding by First Lutheran Church in Morris may see something different outside its main doors with today’s unveiling of a Prayer Box. Pastor Dan Belgum told the KMRS Community Connection that the idea came from one of the church’s committee members who saw it in California.

“It’s easily accessible. Somebody could walk by on the sidewalk or drive over and there will be slips of paper and a pen,” said the pastor. “People may want to bring their own writing utensil because of the pandemic we’re in. And then there will be different types of prayer that can be requested.”

Belgum said a person can select if the prayer is meant for the pastor’s eyes only, for staff at First Lutheran only, for the First Lutheran prayer chain only, or for the public prayers that are said every week in worship. The Prayer Box is open to the entire community. Belgum said the time for prayer is greater than ever, with the farm crisis, the pandemic, and issues of racial justice all coming to a head.


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