Over 50 people logged into the Starbuck City Council’s Zoom meeting Monday to voice their displeasure over two projects.

A marina on the shore at the city park was installed by council member Ted Razink, who owns Minnewaska Marine. Kristen Gandrud was among those that objected to the project not being properly vetted and questioned how the mayor could use COVID-19 as a reason to approve the project without going through the normal channels.

Mayor Gary Swenson said he’ll take the blame, but saw a silver lining in the community discussion the issue sparked.

While no one is being charged for the slips now, those slips were going to be charged $800 dollars a season and $1,500 dollars with a lift. The city was to receive $50 dollars for each slip.

The council passed a motion to refer the matter to an attorney for an opinion on conflict of interest, should it be bid, and restrictions on land use. Razink also agreed to pull the marina out.

Most of the people on the Zoom session also objected to park land being used for private businesses. A Dairy Freeze was in discussions for being located on park land, which is owned by the city. They felt existing empty business buildings should be used before using land that was allegedly intended for public use.

The council passed a motion to put any plans on hold, consult an attorney over land use and then hold public hearings before moving forward.


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