ST. PAUL, Minn.—Despite a sudden and disappointing end to the 2019-20 athletics seasons due to COVID-19, the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) has a lot to celebrate heading into the summer as a record 621 winter and spring sport student-athletes were honored with academic all-conference recognition for outstanding performance in the classroom, the conference office announced Wednesday.

That number surpasses the previous conference record 460 winter/spring awards by 161. In addition to the record 524 student-athletes recognized in the fall, the UMAC set a new overall record with 1,145 student-athletes – that’s 177 better than the previous record of 968 set in 2017-18.

Individuals who earn a 3.5 or better grade point average (GPA) during their respective semesters of competition are recognized with the prestigious honor. The UMAC also recognizes the top team in each sport that records the overall best GPA for its respective semesters.

The College of St. Scholastica finished with the highest number of student-athletes recognized with 105 awards, while the University of Northwestern was second with 92 and the University of Minnesota Morris was third with 81. For the year, St. Scholastica collected a conference-best 204 academic all-conference nods. Martin Luther College was second with 163 and Northwestern was third with 159.

For the winter and spring seasons, baseball finished as the top sport recognizing athletes with 122 honors, while women’s track and field was second with 107 and softball was third with 100.

Name, Sport (YR)
Nate Carlin, Baseball (SO)
Branden Carlson, Baseball S(O)
Josh Doss, Baseball (SO)
Logan Graves, Baseball (SO)
Blake Haugen, Baseball (SR)
Brady Jergenson, Baseball (SR)
Torin Klebba, Baseball (SO)
Noah Kloss, Baseball (SO)
Colin Lindgren, Baseball (JR)
Rhys Morris, Baseball (SR)
Joe Pelle, Baseball (SO)
Brian Vanyo, Baseball (SO)
Ryan Wilhelm, Baseball (SO)
Corbyn Alexander, Men’s Basketball (FY)
Ian Carlin, Men’s Basketball (FY)
Zak Irsfeld, Men’s Basketball (FY)
Trent Jerome, Men’s Basketball (SR)
KJ Riley, Men’s Basketball (SO)
Kenny Knudson, Men’s Tennis (SO)
Taiyo Larson, Men’s Tennis (FY)
Cole Peters, Men’s Tennis (SO)
Franklin Real, Men’s Tennis (SR)
Raymond Abraham, Men’s Track and Field (SR)
Benjamin Barnack, Men’s Track and Field (SR)
Edmund Cease, Men’s Track and Field (SR)
Connor Fitzgerald, Men’s Track and Field (SO)
Patrick Hermann, Murphy Men’s Track and Field (FY)
Joel Knopp, Men’s Track and Field (FY)
Jackson Lennox, Men’s Track and Field (JR)
Jeffrey McEarchern, Men’s Track and Field (JR)
Jerad Nelson, Men’s Track and Field (FY)
Cody Nye, Men’s Track and Field (FY)
Rory Shackelford, Men’s Track and Field (FY)
Brevin Williams, Men’s Track and Field (SR)
Zion Zaloudek, Men’s Track and Field (FY)
Jordan Boldt, Softball (SO)
Sarah Curtiss, Softball (FY)
Mollie Dummer, Softball (SO)
Becca Holland, Softball (SR)
Jasmine Jensen, Softball (SO)
Madison Kugler-Hoekstra, Softball (JR)
Carly Mahoney, Softball (SO)
Lydia Mann, Softball (JR)
Morgan Mathews, Softball (JR)
Grace Penke, Softball (SO)
Allison Pohlmann, Softball (SO)
Shelby Schermerhorn, Softball (SO)
Haley Smith, Softball (SO)
Eleanora Steinhouse, Softball (FY)
Autum Theis, Softball (FY)
Haley Wollschlager, Softball (FY)
Grace Atkinson, Women’s Basketball (SO)
Becca Holland, Women’s Basketball (SR)
Cassie Kadrlik, Women’s Basketball (FY)
Grace Olson, Women’s Basketball (SO)
Jadyn Sondrol, Women’s Basketball (FY)
Abby Van Kempen, Women’s Basketball (SR)
Ella Van Kempen, Women’s Basketball (FY)
Mia Wassink, Women’s Basketball (SR)
Haley Wollschlager, Women’s Basketball (FY)
Kathryn Auger, Women’s Tennis (SR)
Hannah Godzala, Women’s Tennis (SR)
Sydney Loechler, Women’s Tennis (SR)
Kate Obright, Women’s Tennis (SO)
Samantha Tate, Women’s Tennis (JR)
Adrianna Bibeau, Women’s Track and Field (SO)
Jessica Bliese, Women’s Track and Field (JR)
Kari Didier, Women’s Track and Field (JR)
Hailey Gill, Women’s Track and Field (FY)
Brooke Hogan, Women’s Track and Field (SR)
Kaitlyn Ladwig, Women’s Track and Field (JR)
McKenna Langerud, Women’s Track and Field (FY)
Montana Lawrence, Women’s Track and Field (SR)
Brooke Lorentz, Women’s Track and Field (SR)
Amelia Lund, Women’s Track and Field (FY)
Jenica Moes, Women’s Track and Field (SO)
Olivia Salzwedel, Women’s Track and Field (SO)
Paige Stearns, Women’s Track and Field (JR)
Jasmine Terry, Women’s Track and Field (SO)
McKenna Vininski, Women’s Track and Field (SR)
Riley Wallace, Women’s Track and Field (FY)

In the team competition, Northwestern claimed half of the honors with four of the top teams, while Martin Luther tallied three to finish with a conference-best seven for the year. The Knights’ women’s track and field team also boasted the top team GPA of the winter/spring with 3.802.

The Eagles took the team awards in baseball (3.595), women’s basketball (3.76), men’s tennis (3.691) and women’s tennis (3.785). In addition to women’s track and field, the Knights earned the award in men’s basketball (3.441) and softball (3.747). The University of Minnesota Morris finished off the team honors with a 3.53 GPA in men’s track and field.

University of Northwestern Baseball (3.595)
Martin Luther College Men’s Basketball (3.441)
University of Northwestern Women’s Basketball (3.76)
Martin Luther College Softball (3.747)
University of Northwestern Men’s Tennis (3.691)
University of Northwestern Women’s Tennis (3.785)
University of Minnesota Morris Men’s Track and Field (3.53)
Martin Luther College Women’s Track and Field (3.802)


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