According to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Sunday and supplied to the Stevens County Complete Count Committee, Stevens County has a self-response rate of 71.8 percent for the 2020 Census, which is a little higher than the state average of 71.2 percent but quite a bit higher than the 61.5 percent national average. Leading the county is Hancock, with a self-response rate of 81.3 percent. For county townships, Moore Township leads with 89.2 percent.

Cities in the county with low self-response rates and in need of attention include Alberta at 60 percent, Chokio at 61.6 and Donnelly at a meager 50 percent. Among townships with low self-response rates are Synnes at 57.1 percent, Scott at 59.7, Stevens at 61.5, Rendsville at 63.4, Pepperton at 66.7, and Swan Lake at 67 percent. It is estimated that each person not counted in the Census equals $2800 per year of missed funding for the county.

While many Census activities have been pushed back three months because of COVID-19, citizens can still go online to fill out the Census at


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