With the University of Minnesota-Duluth announcing this week that it was dropping the use of the standardized ACT and SAT examinations for use in student admissions, some have wondered if the U of M’s Morris campus would follow suit. Alison Friedly is director of communications at the Morris campus and she told KMRS that the other campuses in the U’s system are staying put for now with their admissions policies.

“Duluth is independent on it right now,” said Friedly. “The system’s trying to make some decisions in terms of what’s going to happen for 2021, but no decisions have been made yet. It really kind of depends on how many students are able to take the ACT or SATs this coming year, ’cause the tests have been suspended due to COVID.”

Friedly described the Duluth campus as often “going rogue.” Any system-wide admissions decisions will most likely be decided by the U of M Board of Regents.


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