Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

With many of its election judges elderly and in the highest risk category for COVID-19, the City of Morris is encouraging residents to register for absentee ballots to reduce the numbers of people coming to polling places on Election Day. Morris City Manager Blaine Hill told the KMRS Community Connection that they have asked legislators for two years to allow them to do mail-in ballots, as most of the area townships have been allowed to do, but safety concerns are of particular concern this year.

“I don’t know that I would want to be a judge, you know, and I work for the city,” said Hill. “But I’m over 60 years old and all it takes is one person to be sick to come in and contaminate an election site.”

Morris has three polling sites for six different polling precincts. Hill said you can register for an absentee ballot on the Secretary of State’s website.


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