Dr. Noel Collis has practiced internal medicine for 30 years and is a Republican candidate for Minnesota's 7th Congressional District seat.

Before he can challenge Representative Collin Peterson for his 7th District Congressional seat, Republican candidate Dr. Noel Collis will have to defeat the Republican endorsed front-runner Michelle Fischbach in the August primary election. Collis told the KMRS Community Connection that he has different views than Fischbach, who has spent much of her professional life in politics.

“If someone likes a career politician who is beholden to the Washington establishment and is gonna give us politics as usual and what we have, Michelle is their candidate,” said Collis. “If they want someone that’s gonna take on the politicians and their perks and privileges and try to save this country — because I believe that we’re one election away from losing the country and we’ve gotta stand boldly for it — then I’m their guy.”

Collis lives in Albany but practices medicine in Hutchinson. Minnesota’s primary election is Tuesday, August 11.


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