The old Donnelly school suffered some damage from the strong winds and downed trees Tuesday night. (Photos: Bill Eckersen)
The garage of the Donnelly Coop also sustained damage.
Many downed trees throughout Donnelly.
Another survey of the post-storm Donnelly landscape.

KMRS’ Bill Eckersen surveyed the damage in Donnelly from last night’s storm this morning and reports a couple dozen trees and numerous branches down doing damage to the Donnelly Coop roof and garage door. There was also damage to the empty schoolhouse.

Stevens County Sheriff Jason Dingman reported to KMRS that most of the damage occurred right in the city of Donnelly, with some buildings sustaining roof damage. Some city streets were temporarily blocked by downed trees. Tree service crews and residents of Donnelly have been working to clean up and most streets are open now. There were no reports of any injuries.


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