Tanya Fischer is the new principal of St. Mary's Catholic School in Morris. (Photo: Bill Eckersen)

Yesterday was the first day of the new school year for the new St. Mary’s Elementary school principal.

Tanya Fischer began the transition from a teaching position she has held at St. Mary’s for ten years to administration. She says the school is formulating contingency plans for the start of classes. She says her school has an advantage over other schools…

“The one thing we do have going for us at St. Mary’s is all of our classes are 15 or less, which right now is where the CDC guidelines are for students to return to school,” said Fischer. “So our hope is that we’ll still be able to return because our class size is small and teachers are working on mapping out to keep their desks six feet apart.”

Fischer says her first day was spent going over budgets, procedural matters and switching bank signatures. You can hear more about her first day on the news page of kmrskkok.com.


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