Dr. Noel Collis has practiced internal medicine for 30 years and is a Republican candidate for Minnesota's 7th Congressional District seat.

While not supportive of rioting and looting, Republican candidate for Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District Dr. Noel Collis told the KMRS Community Connection that racial justice is something we must strive for.

“I think it’s much more complex than to judge everybody of all races on the color of their skin,” said Collis. “We’ve got to stand for treating everybody the same, just like we apply the same law to politicians, to rioters and everybody.”

Collis recalled how his father, who was in the Navy in World War II, was appalled at the way blacks were treated and sat in the back of the bus with them because he thought the segregation laws were “crap.” Collis will have to defeat four other Republicans in the primary election on Tuesday, August 11th if he is to get a chance to take on incumbent Democrat Representative Collin Peterson.


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