State Rep. Jeff Backer, one of the members of the New House Republican Caucus. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Members of the New House Republican Caucus issued a statement following Governor Tim Walz’s motion to dismiss their lawsuit that calls his Peacetime Emergency Powers unconstitutional. The statement said the governor “has mandated the closure of businesses resulting in the destruction of livelihoods and has selectively allowed others to open only under an immense regulatory burden, threat of fines, or worse.”
The caucus is questioning the legal construct under which emergency powers are based. The members of the caucus also expressed concern that the governor is contemplating mandating the wearing of masks despite what the authors say is “mixed evidence that they have done anything to prevent the spread of COVID.”
Among the petitioners in the lawsuit are State Representative Tim Miller of Prinsburg, State Representative Mary Franson of Alexandria and State Representative Jeff Backer of Browns Valley, as well as about 10 businesses.


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