Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young.

The Stevens County Board of Commissioners discussed at their Tuesday meeting ways to use some of the federal CARES Act money that will be coming the county’s way to provide relief for local entities that were affected by the coronavirus. County Coordinator Rebecca Young told the KMRS Community Connection that, even though there have been relatively few cases of COVID-19 in the county, there have been over $100,000 in county staff wages dedicated to COVID preparation. Young explained how the federal funds can be utilized.

“It can be used for things like staff wages, to purchase PPE, to put in place permanent protections, to shore up a remote work environment,” said Young. “But also, what the governor really anticipated government units doing is spending some of it on business relief. The Senate files what he based his directive off of, which would have mandated 10 percent be spent on business relief. So, there will be some sort of likely a grant program for businesses in the area that have been effected.”

Stevens County is expected to get nearly $1.2 million from the CARES Act, with an additional $30,000 for its local government units of 200 or less.


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