With the cancelling of the Stevens County Fair, a number of local civic and charitable organizations will be taking a financial hit this year. Members of the Morris chapter of the Lions International Ray Farwell and Barry Erdahl came on the KMRS Community Connection to explain the situation and Farwell spelled out the dire financial straits organizations like the Lions are in.

“As a Lions Club, we’re facing kind of a crisis,” said Farwell. “Because we’ve got three primary fundraisers that we have — the Bingo stand at the County Fair, which on a yearly basis will clear $6,000 to $7,000. And this year, looking ahead into August, there will be no Bingo stand and we’re going to be going without that revenue. And we as a club we realized we’re going to be challenged supporting the things locally that we support every year, as well as individuals or groups that come to us throughout the year making requests for dollars.”

The Lions financially support a host of local activities, from baseball and hockey to the Morris Skate Park and providing scholarships to a few select high school students. Erdahl said the Lions will still have their popular Football Raffle coming up soon. Contact a member of the Lions for a raffle ticket. Those who wish to contribute to or join the Lions can connect with them at P.O. Box 433, Morris, MN 56267.


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