Justice Paul Thissen of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Paul Thissen told the KMRS Community Connection that he takes the issue of the public’s increasing distrust of the judicial system very seriously.

“The courts, like most and many institutions in our country, for lots and lots of reasons are under much closer scrutiny,” said Thissen. “There’s less trust of institutions in general and the courts aren’t immune from that. And I do think as courts we need to take that very seriously because if people are coming to our courts — and the real role that judges are there is to impartially decide cases, decide disputes among people — if people start to lose trust in that, I think that’s a real serious problem for our courts.”

In a statewide campaign effort, Thissen  — who is running to retain his seat on the Supreme Court — is conducting a series of virtual town halls across Minnesota, and Sunday he “stopped”  in Alexandria, Morris, and surrounding areas. The Justice said a lot of public perceptions of increasing politicization of the courts is fueled by what they see from the U.S. Supreme Court, which sees the most politically charged cases. In Minnesota, he said, over 80 percent of cases are decided unanimously even though the justices were appointed by different governors.

Justice  Thissen’s campaign website will make the Town Hall available for those who could not attend the event.


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