Justice Paul Thissen of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Justice Paul Thessin, who is running to retain his seat on the Minnesota Supreme Court, told the KMRS Community Connection that his 16 years in the Minnesota Legislature was one of the most important jobs he ever had. The former Speaker of the House also had 25 years of legal experience before being appointed to the court by Governor Mark Dayton.

“I spent a decade traveling around the state, all 87 counties, going to colleges and universities, and people’s homes and cafes and businesses and talking to Minnesotans,” said Thessin. “And I do think those stories, those conversations, people’s hopes and fears and aspirations for the state, they stick with you. And that is also part, when we’re making decisions on really tough issues, having a feel, I think, for how Minnesotans have seen this issue and drawing on their experiences helps me make better decisions.”

His job as a justice, he noted, is to interpret statute and what the legislature’s intention was when making a particular law. His years in the legislature as a lawmaker, he noted, gives him a unique insight into how the process operates on a practical level. Justice Thessin’s website will have recordings of the virtual Town Halls he has been conducting around the state.


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