Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Morris City Council also took up the matter at their meeting last night of the recent vandalism and destruction of Black Lives Matter signs in Morris. The Council unanimously supported the public letter written by County and City Attorney Aaron Jordan, which we reported on last week, which condemned the vandalism and noted that the destruction or stealing of yard signs is a crime.

Even as word came during the Council meeting on social media that another Black Lives Matter sign had been vandalized on 7th Street in Morris, the Council debated the necessity of issuing a further public statement on the issue. Council member Brian Solvie did not feel a statement was necessary as it “should be obvious” the city doesn’t approve of such acts.

Attorney Jordan noted that some of the victims of the sign vandalism were racial minorities themselves and felt the actions were racially motivated. Council member Kim Gullickson said she had a hard time seeing someone challenging her on supporting a document that is against discrimination.

In the end, the Council approved the issuing of a public statement that was read at the meeting by Mayor Sheldon Giese:

“As Mayor of Morris and on behalf of the City Council and Citizens, I want to say that we do not condone the recent destruction and theft of the Black Lives Matter signs in Morris. Morris is a welcoming city and we believe everyone should be able to live, work and play here without worrying about their safety and the protection of their property. Our police department is actively investigating this issue and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions. Threatening citizens, destruction and theft of property, discrimination in any way, shape or form is not legal and will not be tolerated.”


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