Face masks made by Cheryl Miller of Hancock. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

With medical and health officials pressuring the governor to mandate the wearing of face coverings in public places, Morris City Manager Blaine Hill told the KMRS Community Connection that policing such a mandate could be a headache for municipalities.

“One of the things that I’d be very nervous about is, if the governor orders it now, who’s the enforcers?” asked Hill. “Because we’ll start getting people calling us and saying, ‘The governor ordered it, I saw somebody without a mask. What are you going to do about it?'”

At their meeting on Tuesday, the Morris City Council approved a statement encouraging – but not mandating – residents to wear masks when going out in public. If a statewide mandate does go into effect, Hill thought the city would have to set up a procedure where a person would be stopped and given information on a first offense. At what point would a citation be issued is an open question.


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