Dave Hughes provided the media with a screenshot from his phone showing that Michelle Fischbach's (now former) campaign manager, Sam Winter, harassed his family with calls during the midnight hour.

Dave Hughes, a Republican candidate for Minnesota Congressional District 7 who is challenging Michelle Fischbach in the August primary, has called for all of Fischbach’s endorsements to be rescinded – including those from the Republican Party, the Congressional District 7 Executive Committee, every federal and state legislator and President Trump.

This after her former campaign manager, Sam Winter, pleaded guilty to harassing Hughes, his wife and 7 children, and the Hughes campaign. Hughes said he has 20 pages of phone records that prove Winter called his cell phone 459 times. A restraining order against Winter is in place for two years.

“If you have to cheat to win, you don’t deserve any backing from our principled Republican Party,” Hughes said in a statement. “I take no delight in the downfall of the Fischbach campaign, but this criminal organization must not be rewarded for its offenses.”


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