The 8 kilowatt Solar Panel Grid put up by the Morris Area High School Robotics Team by the school's tennis courts. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

To help pay for the meter hookup of the recently installed solar panel array on school grounds, the Morris School District is allowing the Morris Area High School Robotics team, the Plaid Pillagers, to sell leftover equipment from the school’s recently completed renovation. Incoming junior Sam Jordan told the KMRS Community Connection that the sale will offer a chance to get some virtually new equipment at deep discounts.

“Just to name off a few, we’ve got some various conduits, electrical panels, doors…It’s a very wide variety of things used for construction,” said Jordan. Yeah, a lot of things. Some filing cabinets, even, and stuff like that.”

The sale will be running from 4 to 7 p.m. today and tomorrow, on the south side of the high school parking lot. But items can be viewed on the Morris Sell-It website and the robotics team’s Facebook page.


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