Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The City of Morris has received $411,000 in funding from the state of Minnesota by way of the federal CARES Act. The money is meant to mitigate the financial strains caused by COVID-19 or efforts to prepare for it. Morris City Manager Blaine Hill told the KMRS Community Connection that the funds were distributed based on population.

“And we already got the money, which is kind of a strange thing, to get a grant realistically before you even start trying to figure out what to do with it,” said Hill. “But that’s the way the federal government dealt with it and then the state government had a short period where they discussed how they’re going to deal with that money. And then the governor decided this was the way he’s gonna do it.”

The funds need to be distributed within a few months, so programs will be set up in the coming weeks to provide grants for local businesses, purchase masks for police squad cars and other personal protective equipment, and the like.


            In other city matters, Hill told the Morris City Council at their Tuesday meeting that some residents have been putting branches and trees downed from recent storms into the street. Citizens are not allowed to do that, said Hill, and should take their trees and branches out to the landfill. After a major storm, the City may assist residents with cleanup, but in such a case the City would make an announcement about any collection.


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