Morris Health Services on Friday confirmed that a tenant of Skyview Plaza senior care community in Morris has tested positive for COVID-19. As an affiliate of West Wind Village nursing home, the finding triggered a process of opening a segregated unit at West Wind Village that will isolate caregiving to COVID-19 positive residents in a manner that tried to aggressively minimize transmission to others, according to a statement issued by Morris Health Services.

The segregated unit is physically separated from the rest of the West Wind community and there is designated staff assigned to work only in the segregated unit, not having physical contact with other non-segregated residents or staff. Tenants of Skyview Plaza and Court have been asked to quarantine themselves to their apartments where they will receive scheduled care and meals. Staff is equipped with Personal Protective Equipment. Any tenants and residents who test positive will be transferred to the segregated unit at West Wind. Any staff testing positive will quarantine at home until they recover from the virus and pass screening protocols.

The confirmation also kicks in the process of entire site testing for all tenants and staff of Skyview Plaza and Court, as well as residents and staff of West Wind Village. In addition, there will be a suspension of all open-window and patio visits at all locations. Virtual and closed window visits can be scheduled.


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