Morris School Board Member Mike Odello. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Mike Odello will be stepping down from the Morris School Board. It was announced at last night’s school board meeting that Odello has accepted a part-time position teaching instrumental music with the Morris School District. Morris Superintendent Troy Ferguson read a letter to the board from Odello at the meeting.

“I have greatly enjoyed my six years on the board and feel as though my opinion — as crazy as it may be — was always heard and respected,” wrote Odello. “This, I feel, is the true strength of our school board…I promise that each and every one of you on the board has swayed my opinion at some point. We enter with one opinion and wind up voting differently because we listen. Thank you for listening and thank you for your respect.”

Odello said he was proud to represent the school as part of a Morris delegation to Germany last year, an experience he said he would never forget.


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