RUSC Kinship Mentoriing Director Erin Koehntop

Even in the midst of a pandemic, RUSC Kinship still needs adults to serve as mentors for area children. Director Erin Koehntop told the KMRS Community Connection that COVID has made them change how they do things at RUSC.

“Things are definitely different the way that connections are made these days and the way people are connected,” Koehntop noted. “And so, our mentoring has just changed a little bit. Our matches are still being connected, either via Zoom or by phone, sometimes letters are being dropped off, packages are dropped off. Sometimes cakes are being made and dropped off!”

Koehntop said they have a particular need for adult men to serve as mentors, as there are a number of boys in their system that need to be partnered. She said they try to match based on common interests. All adults go through a background check. Details are available on the RUSC Kinship website or their Facebook page.


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