Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson said on the KMRS Community Connection that he is pretty confident that Governor Walz will issue guidance to school districts for the coming fall on July 27. But the results of a recent survey of school district parents have made it clear what Morris area parents want.

“We know that our parents want their kids back in school. And that is a very high percentage — over 80 percent,” said Ferguson. “And then there’s some that are still uncertain and have questions, mainly around what are the plans in the event that there’s some kind of a COVID breakout. So, we’re developing all that. Everybody wants our kids back in school. And we just have to do our very, very best to come up with a plan that fits within the state guideline and that meets the needs of our community.”

Ferguson said he is hopeful that there will be some element of local control in whatever the plan the governor unveils. He said there has been a group of 41 stakeholders meeting regularly to work on plans for a safe return of students in the fall, and how to more effectively incorporate distance learning into the mix if needed.


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