In town ball, the Region 9C postseason tournament match ups were announced Sunday night and the Clinton Cards have earned the no. 1 seed. The Cards finished at the top of the Land O’ Ducks League standings with a 5-1 league record.

Rosen will be the no. 2 overall seed, Dumont is no. 3 while Hancock finishes no. 4. The top four seeds receive a first-round bye in this double elimination tournament.

Playoff action starts on Saturday, July 25th in Clinton and Madison.

Games in Clinton pit Cottonwood versus Chokio at 1:30 pm Saturday with the winner facing the Cards on Sunday at 1:30 pm.

Ortonville will face Appleton at 4:00 pm, the winner gets Hancock at 4:00 pm Sunday.

In Madison, Minneota faces Dawson at 5:00 pm Saturday with the winner drawing the Dumont Saints at 3:30 on Sunday.

The Morris Eagles will play against Madison at 7:30 Saturday night, with the winner going up against Rosen on Sunday at 1:00 pm.

The second weekend of games (Aug. 2-3) will be held in Clinton and Rosen.

Rosen will be the host site for remaining teams (Aug. 8-9), with the championship round August 15th.

Final Land O’ Ducks League Standings

1. Clinton Cards (5-1)
2. Dumont Saints (5-1)
3. Rosen Express (5-1)
4. Hancock Orphans (4-2)
5. Ortonville Rox (4-2)
6. Chokio Coyotes (3-3)
7. Minneota Mudhens (3-3)
8. Morris Eagles (3-3)
9. Cottonwood Cardinals (2-4)
10. Madison Mallards (2-4)
11. Dawson Drakes (0-6)
12. Appleton A’s (0-6)


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