One of the 28 barn quilts installed at the campsites of Pomme de Terre Park in Morris, this one using colors found at Zion National Park.

Visitors to Pomme de Terre Park and Campground in Morris may have noticed a new addition to the campsites. A series of 2 foot by 2 foot barn quilts were installed in mid-June at each of the 28 campsites in the park. Ward Voorhees is president of the Stevens County Historical Society and spearheaded the barn quilt project. He told KMRS Community Connection that he got the idea from the website of Montana artist Susan Davis, who designed a series of fabric quilts to commemorate different National Parks on the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016.

“The design themselves really aren’t necessarily unique for a park — but the colors are,” Voorhees explained. “Susan Davis, who did the original designs of these barn quilts, she tried to incorporate the colors that you would normally see in these National Parks. So, for example, the one that has the Everglades down in Florida where there’s a lot of water and greenery, the basic colors in that particular barn quilt would be blue and green.”

Underneath each quilt is information on each National Park they represent. Voorhees said the Pomme de Terre barn quilts are smaller than the typical ones seen on some barns so that they wouldn’t obscure the campsite or get in the way of the large RVs that come through the park. Local artists did the painting in a mostly volunteer effort, and local businesses sponsored the production and installation of the barn quilts. Any visitor to the park can view all 28 of the quilts.


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