Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Morris School Board approved two questions on an operating levy to be put on the November ballot at their meeting last week. Superintendent Troy Ferguson explained on the KMRS Community Connection that the school district is in the last year of a 10 year operating levy that currently provides 2.5 percent of their annual budget. That levy is falling off next year and with preparations for COVID-19 taking an economic toll, the district wants some financial flexibility.

“The Board made the decision to ask the public to renew that levy — which would not result in an increase in their current taxes if they did renew that. So that will be one question on the levy,” Ferguson said. “The other decision that they made was to go with a Question 2 that would be contingent upon Question 1 passing. And that would provide another $207.50 per adjusted pupil unit.”

Ferguson said the district would he hoping not to use the extra funding, but they want the right to use it in case any unfunded mandates or changes occur in state or federal funding. The levy will not be assessed on agricultural land, he said, only on residential, businesses and ag homesteads.


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